October 23-26, 2006
Central Oregon Coast - Day 3 the Waves

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Looming over tiny Yachats is the impressive bulk of 800-foot-high Cape Perpetua, the highest spot on the Oregon coast filled with views of the cape's rugged beauty and diversity of natural habitats.

Waves and tides are a year-round source of fascination along these rocky shores, and Cape Perpetua's tide pools are some of the best on the coast. There's good acces

Below at the Devil's Churn waves boil through a narrow opening in the rocks and crash back upon one another in a tumultuous churning, exploding with a resounding WHOAMP into colossal cascades of spray that send wave-whipped foam flying in all directions. The foam is made up of millions of minute skeletons of microscopic plants that live in the sea and is caused by the increased wave action created by stormy weather. Even if you know this intellectually, it still looks like soapsuds.

Nearby lies Cooks Chasm and a Spouting Horn which is caused by waves crashing into a narrow fissure in the basalt shoreline sends geyser-like plumes of water skyward lies below.

Today we were treated with clear blue skies and massive waves (swells almost 20ft) crashing on shore. All the benefits of storm churned waves without the weather. The air was filled with a salt-mist and sights and sounds before us were captivating.


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