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February 10th

This weekend we were asked to deliver a puppy out to Bev’s new place in Bend. What a great opportunity to see a tiny Shiloh puppy. Boy, were we surprised. This little 9-week old puppy already weighed 20 lbs! Rumble is a great cuddly pile of fur. Lily sure didn’t know what to think. After a quick stop at the house to give Rumble a few minutes to relax from his plane ride, and we were on the road for our trip east to Bev’s.

Rumble was nice and quiet most of the way. He slept quietly in his crate. We arrived at Bev’s in record time. As luck would have it, most of Lily’s family was in residence. Her mother, Raven, and sister, Sirius were staying with Bev. This provided a great opportunity to get pictures of the family together. Lily and Sirius are marked so similarly (except Sirius is a smooth and Lily a plush). They both are very big girls.

March 17th

We had snow in the city today. It is a rare event to be sure. Lily thinks snow is the best toy God ever made just for her. We got up early today to take advantage of a walk through the neighborhood with the fresh fallen snow. Lily had other plans.

Lily thought that all the neighbors needed to have "snow angels" in their yards. So, she proceeded to stop at every other yard and take care of the task.


March 25th

Another family member visited at Bev’s with us. Lily’s brother, River, and his mom, Chris, drove over from Boise, Idaho. We had a wonderful weekend trading dog stories and taking lots of pictures of the family together. It’s getting to the point that Lily knows exactly where we are going when we start the trip up over the mountain. Once we arrive, the boys are all waiting there anxious to greet her. She’s a little shy just before she gets out of the Jeep; but, once out, she loves running and exploring with the boys.

April 7th

Woodburn, Oregon is known for its annual Tulip Festival. Today was Lily’s turn to check out the wonder of it all. Acres and acres of tulips, a festival atmosphere and lots of new things to explore were on the agenda for today. Lily took it all in stride. As we walked through the vendor area, people were constantly asking about Lily and the Shiloh breed. She took it all in stride and won over the heart of everyone she met.

April 21st

Rumble’s mom, made the pack these wonderful bandanas. Each was customized with their own name. On this trip we took the opportunity to get pictures of the pack dressed in their new splendor.

This afternoon, we took the pack out beyond the fence to hike on the back acreage. I had the foresight to make sure that Lily was hooked up on her flexi lead. About half way through the walk, this great big rabbit runs across the path with Riot in hot pursuit. Lily perked up right away and was at the end of the 16’ flexi in a heart beat. I guess we have a little bit longer to wait before we’ll be hiking off lead.

May 2nd

Lily continues to change. This year she is really starting to fill out and grow up. She is constantly learning new things. It really seems like all her brain cells are starting to fire in sequence.

My Dad always jokes that she needs a saddle. Lily just responds, "Grandpa, I am not as big as a horse. I'm hardly bigger than this deer."


Mother's Day

Lily spent Mother's Day sniffing the flowers and enjoying the wonderful spring weather. All the flowers are beginning to bloom, so she really had her hands <paws> full.


May 28th

We just got back from the annual Arizona Challenge. It was Lily’s first weekend home alone. Luckily, her Aunt Julie, lives in town and stayed here with her. We spent the weekend worrying about how she was doing and fretting over whether or not she was eating, only to find that the two of them had a great weekend without us. Even so, Lily was ecstatic to see us when we walked through the door.

May 31st

As soon as we arrived home earlier this week, we had company. Tyree’s Mom and Dad came up from Utah for a visit. This turned into an opportunity for Lily to play tourist. Lily and I hung outside and waited while Tyree and his folks explored the submarine display at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI). While she wasn’t allowed to board the submarine (the USS Blueback), Lily was allowed access to all the outside areas of the museum. She even was able to get her picture taken in front of the sub.

While they were here, we also took the folks to the Oregon Coast. On they way out to the ocean we stopped at Camp 18 (an old logging camp, turned museum, restaurant) for some great lunch and fabulous pictures. Then it was on to Cannon Beach for a quick romp in the surf.

After slowly meandering along the coast highway, we ended up in Astoria for a visit to the Maritime Museum. Once again, Lily can be found posing in front of landmarks. Lily always waits patiently in the car while we go in areas she’s not allowed. She doesn’t seem to care that she’s waiting; only that she’s got to go along.


June 15th

The last several weeks have been spent working on our garden. Lily makes a point to help her dad out with the digging. A quick swipe with that huge paw and a lot of dirt is excavated. It’s like she has little buckets attached to the front of her legs. Little does she know that she really shouldn’t be digging up those freshly planted flowers.
She also thinks that mulch is a food group. Every opportunity she has to get out into the garden area and you can find her “grazing” along the planting beds. I think that fence separating the garden from the yard is going to be there for awhile.


June 22nd

We discovered a new trail today. This one is just a quick hop from the house and makes is easy to get a nice hike through the forest and along Lacamas Lake without having to drive very far. Lily thought it was the best.

All the flowers are in full bloom. Lily spends alot of time on the patio checking them out and making sure they are doing fine.

June 24th

Exploring trails is one of our favorite pastimes. From the very first, Lily took to the trail like a duck to water. The Eagle Creek trail is located down the historic Columbia River Gorge. The trail follows the river along cliffs that sometimes reach over 300’ tall. The forest is alive with moss covered trees and the sound of the river and the waterfalls rushing over the rocks. You have to navigate places that are narrow and rocky. You have to cross narrow bridges over high canyons. Lily loves it. There are cliffs to look over, boulders to climb upon and then, of course, there is Punch Bowl falls.


July 4th

What a better way to spend the 4th of July than hiking out to the point at Cape Lookout. This trail takes you 2½ miles straight out into the ocean on a 300’ cliff. The trail meanders in and out of the forest offering spectacular views along the way.

This is one of Lily’s favorite places to hike. As soon as we get into the parking lot, she is up in the backseat squeaking and whining with excitement.

July 26th

Last week we set out for our summer vacation. This year's destination....Banff & Jasper National Parks in Canada. This was Lily's first trip to Canada (she's now officially an International Traveler!). This also was her first experience sleeping in a tent. One of our stops was to Lake Louise just outside of Banff National Park. This lake is glacier fed giving it this emerald green color.

One night there were elk just across from our campsite. Lily was just wonderful. Never once did she bark or make any noise. She just layed quietly in front of her tent watching the scene before her. Actually, to tell the truth, she was more interested in the squirrels that were playing in the tree by camp.

Wildlife is a "must see" in the Canada. IN fact, while in both Banff and Jasper there were constant bear warnings. In the evenings, after we had set up camp, we would drive around the park and try to find some animals for pictgures. It is truly wonderful to see the animals in their wild habitat.

Not to be outdone, Lily, of course, wanted to have her picture taken with as many animals as she could...

One of the most fantastic things we did this trip was walk on a Glacier. The Icefield Parkway is the only road from Banff to Jasper. The centerpiece of this drive is the Columbia Icefield (the largest in the Rocky Mountains with an area of about 200 sq.mi.) At this Icefield this year they were allowing tourists to climb up to the glacier ice and take a walk on its surface. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! Lily, of course, was able to come along experiencing crossing unstable and unusual bridges crossing the rushing waters of the ice melt.

On the last part of our trip we visited the North Cascades National Park in northern Washington...a very beautiful place filled with glaciers and mountain lakes. This was a very unique National Park, as they had trails specially set aside for those of us traveling with dogs. The old logging history of the area was proven when we found this stump for Lily to pose on.

Our trip lasted about 6 days and we traveled almost 2000 miles. Lily, the ever adventurer was ready for any new thing we could find. You would think after this trip she wouldn't want to get back into the car for awhile... That isn't the case, however, all you need to do is take down the car keys and she is ready to load.

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August 25th

While camping out at the Drop Zone this weekend, Lily discovered blackberries. Not only did she discover the brambles where they grow, she decided she could pick them herself.

Very gently, she puts her lips around the blackberries, careful not to touch the prickly thorns. It is truly amazing how she gets them off the brambles.

September 28th

This week we decided to explore the southern Oregon Coast. The weather was beautiful and the scenery spectacular. We headed over to the Pacific Coast Highway from I-5 about 1/2 way down the state and just meandered along enjoying the sights. Our first day out the wind was blowing. This really creates a wonderful setting at the beach. It makes the ocean seem so alive.

Half way through the trip we decided to go Lighthouse Hopping and visit as many of the coastal lighthouse as we could along the way. The wind was really blowing when we stopped at the Coquille Lighthouse just 2 miles north of Bandon, Oregon. Lily just saw the beach and wanted to get out and explore, the wind blowing in her hair just seemed to add to the excitement.

Lily is quite the tourist. When we head out on road trips like this, she is anxious to get out and explore the sights and experience new things. Tyree found this fabulous hike at Gold Beach called Cape Sebastian (picture at top of this chapter). As far as you can see that day, the view was spectacular. The trail hiked along the top edge of the ridge (about 300' above the shoreline) and slowly dropped down towards the beach.

The last Lighthouse on the tour, Yaquina Bay, was a very interesting one. The lighthouse actually sits on top of the residence. This one was a good visit more for the historical buidling (they even had furnishings) than the lighthouse.

When touristing around like this, Lily sometimes needs to wait outside while each of us visits the inside attractions. She sits patiently and waits, always alert, watching for each of us to return.



October 19th

The beautiful fall weather had us heading up the mountain to enjoy the spectacular fall colors. Mirror Lake Trail. There were several bridges that we had to navigate on this trail. Quite the challenge for Lily. The first bridge was very narrow (about 8-10" wide only) and it spanned across a rushing river. The 2nd bridge was a pretty easy one for her. She crosses this time on the Eagle Creek trail all the time. The 3rd one, however, was the real challenge. It was in a very poor state of repair. I simple went across to check for hazards and then Lily and Tyree followed. I shouldn't have worried, she crossed it like a pro. Once at the lake, it was spectacular and we just hung out enjoying the view.

After spending the afternoon hiking around the Lake, we headed up to the top of Mt Hood to the Trimberline Lodge to grab a pint and enjoy some more fabulous views. Lily, as always, was a magnet. As we walked around the lodge trails, a lady approached us. She was a real shepherd fan and was in total awe of Lily. After she spoke to us for a few minutes, she asked if Lily was friendly. Well, Miss Lily, didn't wait until we answered for her, she just up and placed her head in the lady's hand as if to say "sure I am". What a gal!

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October 31st - Halloween

The fall this years was a especially beautiful. The color of the leaves and everything just made it very easy to get into the Halloween Spirit.

November 1st

Lily loves snuggling on the bed. I think it's more about the feather beds than anything else though. This morning it was time to change the sheets. I had the big feather cover on the floor whilest I was working on the bottom sheet when Lily wandered in. Boy, she sure thought that was special. When I looked over the end of the bed (a big 4-poster), there she was just snuggled in the pile. Once we got her up, she stood patiently waiting until we changed the cover and put it on the bed before she hopped right up and made herself at home. All the feathers are extra fluffy after you change the sheets ya'know. At least, she waited until I got ALL the pillows back on the bed before she climbed up.

Missed some great photo-ops though. 1) the innocent up-over-the-glasses look while she was laying on the feather cover on the floor..."what do you mean, move?" and 2) while we were changing the cover, she stood by the bed and layed her head on the mattress asking "when are you going to be done?".....Kodak moments, why do they always happen when the kodak isn't anywhere near?

November 4th

Today we headed over to Forest Park in Portland for a quick Sunday hike as the weather was spectacular. At one point we were passing a fallen tree that spanned the creek, it was a great big one (the diameter of it came up to Tyree's waist). We had been on this trail before and this log is a favorite one of Lily's. Well, she was up on the log and half-way across it before Tyree even knew she left the trail. If only I had the camera ready to capture the expression on Tyree's face. Luckily, Lily was on the flexi lead (best choice for hiking...she's got a long line to move about freely, but she's still attached) so she didn't make it too far across the log.

November 14th

The State of Washington requires an emissions inspection on your vehicles prior to re-registration. So, yesterday Lily and I took in Tyree's van (errands are pretty much a priority for Lily, it means she gets to go for a ride). This place is pretty much like a huge garage with lots of loud, echoing, noises and strange equipment running.

As our turn approached, I asked the first attendant if I would have to get out of the car. When she said yes, I told her that I would have my dog with me. Not a problem, they have a waiting area outside the garage with lots of grass.

When it was our turn, the 2nd attendant said to go ahead and get out of the car right away. I unloaded Lily (she waited patiently to be leashed). After all the gasps and oohs from the on-lookers, we then had to wind our way around the equipment, floor hazards, etc. It was like walking through an obstacle course. Lily was a champ. None of the noise started her and she really didn't care about walking around the other stuff. She calmly and easily went through the paces. Once we were clear of the building she was just excited about getting to the trees.

When it was time to get back in, she retraced our steps like she did it every day. She stopped and did a nice greeting with the attendant and quickly loaded up. You just never know, I guess, what is going to be a scary experience (like seeing a big blue mail box for the very first time) or not.

November 26th

Lily definitely understands when she's done something wrong. This morning she once again found the buttons on the pillows and thought they needed removing (she never eats them, just rips them off...I think I'm going to make them with zippers next.) She was out of the bedroom when I found them. I just asked her to come here in a normal tone, she came right in and immediately layed down next to the pillow in a very "I'm Sorry" posture.

How do you scold them when they are looking so cute?

She also understands when a hike is in her future. Last night Lily heard me talking on the phone that we would be going hiking the today. Well, today Lily made it known that this was the day for her HIKE!!! She wouldn't settle down all morning. Then on the way to the trail, she just whined and whined until we got to the parking lot. I finally had to tell her that we weren't going to get ther any faster with all her whining.

December 25th

December 27th

One of the best things about living in the Northwest is going out to the beach during a storm. the ocean is rolling, the wind is blowing....you just can't beat it.


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