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January 10th

All this week we have been having some beautiful, but cold, weather. My friend, Cheri, and I decided to take advantage of this break in the rain (it is due to start back up again tomorrow) and head down the Gorge to our favorite hiking spot, Eagle Creek. We started out early, so the air was frosty cold (just added a few more layers is all). This is one of Lily's favorite spots and, true to form, as we reached the bottom of the exit ramp, she was up in the back seat squeaking her head off (like that was going to get us to the trail head faster...).

The trail gave us a bit of slippery mud, wet rocks and a bit of ice. By the time we got back to the Jeep, Lily's scarf was one soppin' mess. Overall the trail wasn't in too bad shape considering all the rains we have been having.

The sounds of the waterfalls were roaring at top volume. We actually cross 4 birdges (nice solid ones, nothing too tricky) and we had to forge one stream (me and my friend, Cheri used the stepping stones, but Lily opted to actually forge the stream....that had to be one COLD crossing.)

January 11th

Lily played Shiloh Ambassador today at the car lot. We were casually browsing for Tyree's new vehicle and, of course, Lily came with us. Winning hearts all over, she did. We had her trying out the size of the back seats and cargo areas (did you know that some of those vehicles just AREN'T shilohsized?). The salesman was so taken with her that he asked us to take her into the dealership office next door so he could show her off.

January 19th

We decided to take advantage of the spectacular northwest winter day (complete with lots of sunshine) and head down the Gorge again to hike Eagle Creek. Yep, this is the same hike Lily and I did LAST week with Cheri. But, Tyree was off and he hadn't had been there in a while...so we went again....and aren't we glad!

For years I have been trying to capture what it is like hiking along this ledge. The trail really narrows down (notice the cable hand hold on the cliff wall) and becomes rocky. It is wet about 90% of the time (no matter what time of year) and water is drizzling down from above. There is a cliff wall approximately 300' above you and about 250' below....etc. All and all a very interesting part of the trail. I still haven't gotten THE picture, but this one gives you a little bit of an idea. Check out how small Lily even looks compared to the cliffs.

I can't tell you the number of times we have hiked this trail over the last 8 years. During all the seasons, too. You would have thought that we would have found this little spur trail that leads down to the bottom of Punch Bowl Falls before this trip, wouldn't you? All I can say is that the turn off isn't a normal stopping point for us (I'm usually huffin' and puffin', looking down trying not to trip on something, or looking up at the tops of the trees).

For some reason, we stopped here this time for a snack and some water. Lily made sure she got some trail mix and apple along with her Rollover. Just as I finally caught up to Tyree and Lily (they are usually a ways ahead of me), Tyree asked if I could decipher what the sign said on the tree (if was old and moss covered). Sure enough it said "Lower Punch Bowl Falls".

Now, I'm usually not a fan of "lower trails" (you have to come up after you go down...."up" is NOT my friend). However, it was such a beautiful day, the temps were perfect (cool, yet comfy) and we hadn't passed anyone on the trail....so, why not? After our snack we headed on down. Just as we started down the trail, we had to pull over and wait for a hiker to pass (the first one all day). Boy, was he impressed with Lily! The first words out of his mouth (after he caught he breath, of course) was "what a spectacular dog". Now, people have called Lily alot of things in her life, but this was her first "spectacular".

The trail, as predicted, was one that went almost straight down. But the view, oh the view.....

After several hours spent on the trail....romping through the creeks, squishing in the mud, climbing on anything she can....it's time to get Lily cleaned up a bit before loading up in the Jeep for the trip home.

This part of the river is a bit deeper and would have been perfect, if Lily would have waded out up to her elbows on her own. But no. So Tyree had to do a little splashing. Lily wasn't impressed....


February 2nd

Have you ever seen the Snuggles fabric softner commercial where the porcupine is trying out to be the next Snuggles mascot? In his audition he is dropped onto a pile of towels and says "I'm Snugggggly Sofffft" in a nice gruff voice. Very cute.

Lily had her bath yesterday....now she's snuggggggggly soffffft. Her hair is like a persian cat and her feet don't look like a Hobbit anymore either.


February 14th - Valentine's Day

Our very special Valentine

February 21st

Today was a perfect day for snowshoeing so we headed up to Mt Hood to take advantage of some of the snow. We didn't pass one person on the trail the entire time. The forest was beautiful and the temperatures perfect.

The trail we chose was hilly and windy....a definite challenge. Going in we were gradually going downhill the entire way...that should have been my first clue. It was a definite workout getting back to the car. Lily didn't care, though, it was time spent in the snow.

Four miles later I was ready for the stop at Mt Hood Brew Pub for some fish n' chips. Ymmmm

March 4th

For Christmas Lily got her own personal Smiley. Here she is having fun rolling him around the yard.

March 17th - St. Patrick's Day

Lily's wishes everyone a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 23rd

One of the great advantages of the living here in the Northwest is easy beach access. With that in mind, we decided to head on over to the beach for breakfast. The weather was.....well, let's not mix words....it was just a wee bit WET! But, that did not deter us.

Just before we got to the breakfast stop (about 20 miles inland from the coast), Lily starts her under-the-breath whines <are we there yet? are we there yet?> As we approached the coast (and the whining got louder and more frequent) the weather began to show some breaks and even some sunshine began poking it's head out.

We pull into the beach parking lot at Cannon Beach and Lily is up in her seat prancing and whining <let me out, let me out>. When we approached the steps to take us down to the sand, we found we needed to wait until a group of people came up before we could go down. Lily, being the ever impatient beach comber, sits nicely (very prettily, in fact) by Tyree, but whining very loudly her opinion on having to wait her turn.

We often stop at this same park when we go to the beach. It has good parking, restrooms and perfect beach access. Not to mention that Haystack Rock (an Oregon Coast Landmark) is just a short stroll up the beach allowing for wonderful pictures and views.

In all the years that we have been coming here, we have rarely, if ever, had the opportunity to explore the tidal pools located at the base of the rocks. Usually the tide is in and the pools are completely covered in water.

Boy, did we get lucky. Not only was the weather perfect, but low tide was WAY out and the tidal pools were exposed.

So, do you think this little furry girl had a good time?

April - Happy Easter

Lily wishes everyone a very Hip Hoppity Easter!!

Our holiday production pictures have taken on a life of their own. Here are some of the more interesting out-takes of our day.

May 2nd - Lily's 3rd Birthday

For Lily's birthday this year we headed over to the coast for one of her favorite hikes.....Cape Lookout. This hike heads 2 1/2 miles perpendicular out into the ocean atop of a 300' cliff with some of the most spectacular views of the ocean that you can imagine. The perfect place to celebrate the day.

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May 7th

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the scenic wonders of the United States. One of its fabulous features (besides my favorite trail - Eagle Creek) is the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway. It is the old highway that wound its way through the Gorge before the interstate was built.

Along this old highway there are these fabulous waterfalls - Horsetail Falls, Multnomah Falls, Wahteena Falls and Latourell Falls are just a few of them - a definite "must see" for any visitor. Here's Lily balancing on the wall in front of our first stop, Horsetail Falls.



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