August 16-17, 2006
Mt Rainier National Park

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A quick summer break found us traveling just north of home about 3 hrs to Mount Rainier National Park. Though not dog friendly (as are most National Parks); we thought we would take the opportunity for some relaxing car-camping and vista views.

Our trip starts out with unseasonably cool temps and low clouds on the mountain. In fact, you could say that we are actually "in the clouds" on our first day. But luck was with us and the next morning the clouds cleared and we were treated to majestic mountain views that took your breath away.

Mount Rainier National Park was established on March 2, 1899, and contains a vast 378 square mile expanse of pristine old-growth forests, fabulous flower meadows, spectacular alpine scenery, and great opportunities for the mountain experience for the casual hiker to the expedition mountaineer climber. Mount Rainier National Park is the fifth oldest national park in the United States.

With its summit reaching 4,392 m (14,411 feet), Mount Rainier is the tallest volcano in the 48 contiguous United States, and its slopes are covered with more glaciers than any other single peak in the country outside of Alaska.

We camped at the Cougar Rock Campground located in the southwest corner of the park. Nestled in the alpine forest, this campground is pet-friendly, though the trails within the Park are NOT.

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