June 20, 2006
Montana - Kootenai Falls Pedestrian Bridge
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The Pedestrian Bridge over the Railroad Tracks to get to Kootenai Falls:
It was a nice bridge; wide path, sturdy footing, approximately 40-45 ft above the railroad tracks. The surprise was the staircase at the opposite end of the bridge that we had to climb down in order to get to the falls. Three flights of approximately a dozen steps each. The steps themselves were constructed out of a metal grate material with a raised pattern (possibly to create a slip-proof tread during winter months).

Lily and Tyree were ahead of me on the bridge and as is typical, I was stopping along the way taking pictures of the views from over the tracks. Imagine my surprise when I approached the staircase and realized what was before us. Lily and Tyree were already 1/2 way down the first flight. Not only did the tread of each step create a challenge, you could see through the riser of each step and even more challenging was that you could see "through" each step clear to the ground below.

Lily was amazing. Apparently after only a minor baulk at the very start, Lily began her slow and careful decent under the watchful eye of her daddy. Each landing was met with tons of praise and encouragement before beginning the next decent. Her excitement to see what was ahead driving her along. She was definitely wearing her Christopher Columbus hat.

After a wonderful time lingering along the river enjoying the falls, we began the walk back. Ever in my thoughts was how Lily would react to having to tackle the tower of steps. I shouldn't have even wondered about it. She climbed them as if it was something she did every day. You couldn't ask for more.

From LibbyMT.com: "The falls is accessed by a foot trail from the parking area next to the highway. The dirt trail winds through the trees and has frequent scenic vistas of the river. Benches are located at the top of the trail, and large boulders can be used for resting stops as the trail descends the hill to the river. The trail goes over a special enclosed pedestrian bridge View from train overpass bridgeover double railroad tracks, then winds down to the Swinging Bridge which overlooks the falls. "

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