June 20, 2006
Montana - Big Mountain
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Big Mountain, Whitefish Montana:
It was a perfect day for hiking. Temps were cool, the views were awesome. We hadn't been on the trail very long when we came upon a group of 4 deer crossing the open ski run above us. Lily paused quietly....a still moment....the deer were more curious about her than she was of them. We continued on. The views more stunning around every bend.

Lily snatched quit "salad" bites of the succulant grasses and was totally facinated by the trams that passed overhead on one section of the trail. As we head further down the trail we encounter a downed tree across the trail. Ever the thinker, Lily navigates us around the tree vs. heading under it like it was a limbo pole.

What a great way to spend the afternoon.

From BigMtn.com: "The famous Danny On Trail, named after a Big Mountain naturalist and photographer, meanders up the slopes of Big Mountain to the 7000 foot summit, passing through forests and fields with opportunities to pick huckleberries and smell wildflowers. Epic vistas look out over the valley and the mountains from various points along the trail. "

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